The Rock Performs “You Look Horrible Tonight”

The Rock remixing Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight.” One of the few times Ive laughed at a Rock promo since his return. This is The Rock’s schtick now. Lovable fan favorite who cracks on all the heels of the WWE, and even some of its faces- i.e. John Cena. He’s a totally different promo shooter than CM Punk. Punk is more honest and brutal at telling you why and how he’s going beat you. Rock likes to joke, make fun of you, then tell you how he’s gonna beat your ass. Im more of a Punk guy. But both sell tickets and put asses in the seats. The Rock’s just more likable throughout the WWE Universe. Thats the difference between heels and faces though. If McMahon wants you to be hated, you’ll be hated. The roster, and every fan are just puppets to Vince’s enjoyment.

PS, The hooker line stole the show. Best thing about Rock is he can turn a PG show into pure comedic gold entertainment.


One thought on “The Rock Performs “You Look Horrible Tonight”


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