Look Ma, No Hands!

I cant even skate and this kid is doing things like this. Crossing up the goalie, puck handling through the legs, and scoring a goal without even shooting the puck. Just okey dokes the goalie into following him and allowing the puck to slide right by him. Only problem is this came from the KHL and not the NHL. Yup. You can thank Gary Bettman for that. Dude is so money hungry, and such a horrible commish that hes single handedly ruining his product.

You can argue that playoff hockey is the best of all the major sport’s playoffs. The hustle, determination and grind is unlike anything else. And because of Bettman we almost didnt get that. All because him and the owners wanted 50% of revenue instead of 43%. Cant stand money hungry individuals. Billionaires fighting over dollars. Give me crosschecks, poke checks, boarding, glove saves, and one-timers. Get out of my face with the rest of the hoopla of the business side.



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