Ish Smith Jumps Over John Wall For The Block

Can someone tell me how NOT ONE of the broadcasters was amazed, nor even mentioned that a human being just leaped over another for a block shot?! John Wall literally faked Ish Smith into playing Leap Frog with him for the block. That didnt stop Ish though. He came down and went right back up to send Wall’s shot right back at him. The fact that he acted like a human pogo stick blows my mind. Like I cant jump 6 inches into the air without my entire insides shaking and feeling that theyre going to come up and out through my mouth. Have me jump up- even just to get my pants on, and I have to take a 30 second timeout. My knees, back and hips feel like Im 65 and arthritic. And Im only 25. Meanwhile this guy is a human Tigger without the tail. Tell him to jump and he jumps until you tell him to stop. Just “boing” “boing” “boing-ing” all up and down the court like it aint no thang.



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