Golf Has A New “Sexiest Girlfriend”… Paulina Gretzky Confirms Relationship With Dustin Johnson


Daily Mail – She said previously that she would never date a hockey player, after being linked to Los Angeles Kings star Jarret Stoll.

So now Wayne Gretzky’s wildchild daughter Paulina has looked for a boyfriend in another sports category, confirming her romance with golfer Dustin Johnson during a romantic holiday in Hawaii.

The 24-year-old hockey heiress indulged in a passionate PDA with her new beau as they enjoyed some time in the sunshine as they vacationed in Kapalua.


Earlier Paulina made Grade A Prime, now I’m here to congratulate Dustin Johnson on banging her on the reg. Before today I thought the only thing Id be jealous of Dustin Johnson about was that he was a pro golfer. Nothing better in life than to get paid to play golf everyday of your life, and to travel the world doing it. Nothing better except coming home from said job and being able to lay it to Paulina every night. Dustin’s sinking putts on the course and driving deep off of it. Cant say Im too surprised though- chicks dig golfers. Ask all my exs and wanna-be exs. If you want your son to be successful in life, go down to the nearest Dick’s Sporting Good and get him a junior set of sticks. You wont be disappointed. 60 percent of the time it works every time.











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