Florida Man Catches Fish With His Arm.. No Biggie

Every year when fishing season comes along my Facebook blows up with everyone getting giddy over it. I have a few friends and family members that find it to be the greatest thing since the internet. They tell me how relaxing it is and how much fun they have, but I continue to be blinded to this. Ive fished a few times in my life- who hasn’t? But every time out was worse than the previous. When I was younger my dad took me out on his boat. Had a good ol’ time until I had to pee. Must’ve waited hours before my dad allowed me to piss in the water. I was about 5 at this time. Then came the second boat trip. I caught a hook in my cheek about a half inch under my eye from when my dad tried casting. I was maybe 6 or 7. Another time I was standing off shore and nearly passed out from dehydration and overheating. I was like 13 then I think. Then you add on to the fact that I hate touching worms and slimy fish, and you have your equation for why I hate it.

However this dude wasnt just normal fishing. He was hillbilly hand-fishing. Literally the worst kind of fishing. Id fish with a pole while touching hundreds of slimy gross worms and catching an infinite amount of hooks to the face before I stuck my bare hands in the water and waited for some creature to swim by and lock on. Thats when you know you’re bored and poor- when you decide all you need are your bare hands to catch some fish. And how about the girl behind the camera? Girlfriend? Wife? Doesnt matter. She was annoying as fuck. Just yelling the entire time he was doing work. Not quite sure how he lives with her if this is her reaction to him fishing. Id kill myself real quick. 50 seconds of her screeching and screaming “get him, baby!” was 49 seconds too much. She was all excited when he made his catch even though the fish was two-thrids the size of his arm. She cheered him on like the good support system she is. She had no worries about the safety of his extremity. Thats not her job. Her job is to support. He’s a badass hillbilly hand-fisherman. His arms are tough like bull.

PS, Anyone surprised this happened in Florida?


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