Drunk Guy Serenades Subway… Welcome To Life In The City

The city that never sleeps, and this is proof. Notice how no one on the subway cared or reacted? This kind of behavior is normal for late night subway runs. When I was in San Diego this was all I saw, only most of them were Spanish. You have a better shot at getting Skip Bayless to admit Tim Tebow cant play quarterback in the NFL than trying to going out into the city after midnight and not catching some drunk dude going total acapella.

Id be more worried if I were sitting on a quiet subway. Thats when you know someone is plotting and something’s about to happen. But if theres a dude rattling off Bohemian Rhapsody then I know I can sit there peacefully until my stop. Maybe even catch a little shut eye. This guy should have had a tin cup or guitar box open so passengers could donate towards his talents and their entertainment. You wouldnt expect Justin Bieber to perform free, would you?



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