Steve Novak Cries About Little Nathan Stealing The Discount Double Check Belt That He Stole From “Rodgaaas”

Steve-Novak      V.S.      NateDoubleCheck

NBC Sports – Steve Novak has adopted the “discount double check” as his go-to
celebration for hitting big three-pointers. It’s the same one Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made famous on the football field, and then even more so after appearing in a series of insurance commercials.

Nate Robinson of the Bulls decided it was just fine to use it himself on Friday, doing it twice in the second quarter while facing Novak’s Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Robinson’s threes were part of a run that blew the game open for Chicago, and helped them to beat the Knicks for the third time this season.

No one believes that Robinson wasn’t aware that he was mocking Novak by doing this, and afterward, Novak was asked about Robinson’s antics. He referred to Robinson as “Little Nathan” while questioning his maturity, and possibly was taking a shot at Robinson’s diminutive physical stature, as well.

Nate Robinson got to Twitter to respond…


When are people going to realize that you can’t just go around stealing something that was already stolen? You can only steal something once, after that its just not worth it anymore. The thrill has worn off. The stolen good begins to lose its value the more its stolen. You start off with something you feel is invaluable and within three to four stolen transactions you start to look at it like its used up trash. Something everyone’s had their hands all over. Something you regret owning/stealing at one point. Basically what I’m getting at here if you haven’t noticed is the stolen good starts to resemble a whore. A female who hops.

Steve Novak is that dude who stole the chick from Aaron Rodgers and who is now mad that Little Nate has her attention. Its not Nate, Steve. Its the belt. She’s a dirty, rotten whore.

Belt studded black white distressed white crack whore black studs 1


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