Its Just Your Typical Family Pet.. A 5-Foot Alligator.. Guarding Your Typical Family Heirlooms.. 34 Lbs Of Marijuana

Daily Mail  Officers performing a routine probation check on a northern California man yesterday were shocked to find that he had some 34 pounds of marijuana in his rented house. But they were more startled to discover the animal guarding it – a five-foot alligator named Mr Teeth.

Alameda County Sgt. J.D. Nelson said yesterday in a news conference that while inspecting the house, officers discovered 34 pounds of dried, processed marijuana in Mayar’s bedroom. Next to the pot was a Plexiglas tank containing the alligator. Sgt Nelson said that the massive reptile was likely used as a deterrent for would-be marijuana thieves.

The sheriff’s department called in backup from the Fish and Game department, NBC Bay Area reported.

The sergeant said that stumbling upon an alligator was highly unusual. ‘We come across guard dogs like pit bulls quite frequently, but a guard alligator is very unusual,’ he said. KTVU notes that the married father-of-two has several dogs, including a pit bull, in his rental house. 

Mayar purchased Mr Teeth in 1996 to ‘commemorate the death of rapper Tupac Shakur,’ Sgt Nelson said.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Assif Mayar, 32, and took his illegal pet to the Oakland Zoo.


Remember in my blog yesterday about the chick who bit her boyfriend’s ear during an argument, when I said that was just Florida being Florida? Well, I’d put money this guys from Florida. Dude has a 5 foot pet alligator living in his rental house protecting 34 pounds of marijuana. Cool its in Plexiglas, but its still a fuckin’ alligator bro. It gladly would have eaten you, your wife, your children, your dogs, and your marijuana and wouldn’t have thought twice. News flash; Alligators aren’t pets. They’re our enemies. They want to eat us. So stop keeping them as pets, and stop throwing birthday parties with them for your kids with them. Alligator Birthday Parties are just irresponsible as all hell. Why don’t you just let your kids play with matches, knives or explosives?

I can’t even take living with a cat. When my sister first got her cat as a kitten I was on pins and needles everyday. Couldn’t walk around my house without the bastard leaping out from behind things and attacking my feet. Fuck laying on the couch calmly. That ass would come out of no where, jump on you and give you a heart attack Dick Cheney would be proud off. I couldn’t imagine living in a house where an alligator was cooped up. Not sure how loud of a girls scream I would make if he just crawled on into the living while I was laid up watching Sportscenter. I’m sure I’d piss myself though. First scream, then piss myself.


PS, Yes I’m more disgusted that this guy has his two children living in fear of their life due to an alligator rather the fact that their living under a roof of pounds of illegal drugs. Worst thing the weed will do is make them happy, hungry and tired. The alligator will make them horrified, helpless, and dead.



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