Girlfriend Eating Boyfriend’s Ear Off During Verbal Altercation Is Just Typical Florida Life

Daily Mail – A man is minus half his left ear after it was bitten off by his girlfriend during an argument that got out of hand on Monday evening.

Steve Bolin, 53, of DeLand, Florida didn’t immediately report the incident, but called the police the next day because ‘he couldn’t stand how his ear looked.’

His girlfriend, 32-year-old Sarah Wulchak has been arrested and charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm/disability.

A police report states that the attack occurred at Bolin’s home at 8 Satsuma Court near DeLand. Bolin was apparently eating a bowl of spaghetti when an argument started, reports The Daytona Beach News Journal.

When the argument started to get physical, Bolin says he decided to go to his bedroom. Wulchak then entered the room, jumped on his back and started to attack him from behind. 

Bolin says he felt a sharp pain in his left ear and tried to pull away. He admits he may have hit Wulchak while pulling away, but isn’t sure.

Following the scuffle, Bolin noticed the top half of his ear was missing and severe scratches on his face. He told local deputies that he waited until the next day before reporting the incident, because he was initially unsure if he wanted to press charges.

Wulchak was arrested at a local hotel where she had gone after the fight.


How intense does an argument have to get for you to get the urge to chew someone’s era off? Like I can just see poor Steve sitting at home after a long day gator hunting, just trying to eat his bowl of spaghetti. It was probably Spaghetti-O’s but whatever, dude is just trying to relax and enjoy himself. Then Sarah comes all in bitching about how he never took out the trash and how the sink has dishes in it from his lunchbox and thermos, and how his lazy ass better put it in the dishwasher soon.

Steve hears this, nods and says he’ll do it once he’s done dinner. Like a normal person. Sarah hears this, but her blood begins to boil because she’s a female and things like that bother her. Things like a man not listening to her right then and there when she says something. Sarah then says something smart like “you better fuckin’ do it otherwise we’re gonna have problems” before storming her way into the next room.

Unfortunately for Steve, while Sarah is in the next room she hears Steve enjoying himself and ooowwwww-ing and ahhhhh-ing at the 6 o’clock Sportscenter. This ticks her off even more so she storms into the living room in an uproar. She yells “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself sitting on your ass while I get everything down around the house.”

Steve senses a fight so he gets up and heads to the bedroom- all to delay and hopefully diffuse any confrontation. But not so fast. Sarah don’t play that. She follows Steve and screams that she’s not done with him. He ignores her. She jumps on his back. He goes to throw her off. She chomps down on his ear like she’s Mike Tyson. He Chris Browns her ass to the carpet. Probably finishes off a 30 of Budweiser while beating her for the rest of the night, because well, its the south and Florida and that’s the reg for life down there.


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