Dad Holds His Own Mock School Shooting To Test The School’s Security

Daily Mail – A father has been arrested on terror charges after threatening his child’s elementary school to test if they could deal with an armed intruder. 

Ronald Miller, 44, was described as ‘aggressive and combative’ during the incident at Celina Elementary School, just outside Dallas. 

He made his way inside the school’s main office and confronted staff after dropping off his child early on Wednesday morning. 

According to CBSdfw, he pointed at members of staff and said ‘you’re dead’.

He then repeatedly asked panicked teachers what they would do if he had a gun and ‘a target inside the school’. 

‘He asked questions such as what would you do if I had a gun and I had a target inside the school? Those questions would obviously be alarming,’  Patrol Sergeant Shea Scott of the Celina Police Department told ‘He was putting them on the spot and demanding quick responses.’

Miller was not armed and left the scene peacefully. He handed teachers a note telling the school district to call him if they were in need of security training.

The former volunteer firefighter was later arrested at his home and charged with making a terrorist threat. If found guilty he could face prison with a sentence anywhere between two and ten years.


Poor fuckin’ Ronald Miller. All he wants to do is making sure his child is safe and that Celina Elementary School is on their p’s and q’s and he fuckin’ gets arrested for it. He didn’t shoot anyone. He simulated shooting people. He politely told them “you’re dead.” Then he got to asking the rest, “what would you do if I had a gun and wanted to kill a member of this here school?” Seem like a valid question, and they should know the answer if they’re on top of their game and a safe residence for children.

This guy was just Chris Matthews-ing people. Playing Hardball. Give me quick and honest responses, and give them to me now. And then how does he finish his lesson for Celina Elementary School? By offering his security services and training for employees of the school. What a fuckin’ citizen. What a fuckin’ man. The world needs 5 billion Ronald Miller’s. He should be given a plaque, a medal, his own security force team, a million a year for the rest of his life. On top of that he should have his own security school where he teaches others the value of being safe. This world is a messed up place when the such a saint is being held for making terrorists threats because he appeared to drop his child off, enter the school, and then decided to hold a mass homicide simulation with the children and teachers. Seems to be a pretty standard safety procedure to me.


2 thoughts on “Dad Holds His Own Mock School Shooting To Test The School’s Security

  1. I have met him also. This is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. I feel sorry for the City of Celina Police and the School. There was no INTENT, therefore he is innocent. By the way, his child was in school.

  2. This man is a very close and long time friend of mine. His intentions are nothing but true and honest! I would stake my reputation on him any day and for anything! He is a great father and works very hard for his family! He deserves none of this and the small town police dept that arrested him has nothing better to do than want to get their name in the paper and news! They should all be stripped of their badges and put through the hell Ron has been through in his life! I’d be willing to bet none of them could even deal with half of it! I have no respect for people like this what so ever!


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