Zoo-Goers In China Just Sit Around Throwing Snowballs At Simba, His Female Acquaintance And All His Zoo Buddies


article-2260253-16C71987000005DC-52_308x429Daily Mail – Throwing snowballs at lions does not sound the safest – or kindest – way to enjoy yourself.

But when the animals are contained in a zoo enclosure and you are firing down on them from behind a safety barrier – it is a little easier to be brave.

These lions certainly looked less than pleased when they were pelted with snow by laughing visitors, including children, at Hangzhou Zoo in Zhejiang Province, eastern China.

The attack was reportedly launched by one young man, who began to take aim at the big cats with a barrage of snow and ice.

The attack clearly frightened the helpless animals, with the lioness swiftly taking cover under a wooden plank.

One of them used large chunks of snow and threw them down with all of his strength, according to the website. 

The frightened lions took shelter together in the corner of their pen as they tried to escape the new onslaught. The male lion roared in anger at his tormentors as they began to stroll away.

Sadly the lions were not the only animals to be pelted with snow, with some of the crowd also pelting the zoo’s alpacas, monkeys, a giraffe, a tiger and other creatures.


Damn Asians are relentless. They pay $50 or so bucks to get into a zoo and then spend their whole time hurling snowballs at the Simba and his wife. Shouldn’t you be creating the iPad 5 and the iPhone mini instead? Its bad enough these lions are locked up for their entire life, now you’re just humiliating their whole species. The zoo is basically jail for wild animals. They’re transferred from zoos to zoos like inmates, some give birth while in there, they’re fed shitty food at strict times, and the bad animals stay locked up all day every day while the goods ones are walked around the zoo as good behavior. If I were a zoo’d animal I’d be looking for the nearest poison berry to eat or looking to start a zoo riot so the guards could shoot me down. Fuck living behind glass and steel fences. I’m hoping a stampede of wild beasts get loose and just Danica Patricks my ass to the ground. Just crashes right over me leaving nothing but tread marks.


PS, Asia’s going to be sorry the day one of them falls into the lion’s cage. Their whole population thinks the lion world is playing. When really all the lions are just sitting back taking in every click on the camera, writing down every snowball thrown and remembering every time you woke them up from their nap, or chucked debris at them to get their attention- just wishin’ a mothafucker would.  It’ll be a grand day in the lion kingdom. Wait for it.. wait for it.. now maul it!


In San Diego they walk their animals around on leashes. This would be their version of yard time. How gracious of them.







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