Victor Dukes Goes Up, Up, And Away!


Yes, Victor Dukes used the defender as a step stool. Yes, he got his entire head above the rim. And, yes, he injured the opponent. Physically and emotionally. That’s what happens when 4 white guys try to guard 1 black guy. The first one gets burned on a normal cross to the basket, while two watch as the fourth gets posterized because he felt taking a charge DIRECTLY under the basket was a better idea than playing the ball. And the fact that homie felt it was a better idea to lay on the ground and cry injury after the fact makes the dunk 100x better than it actually is. Redefines insult to injury. Now he has to deal with everyone on his shit about being posterized and acting like a little whiny bitch afterwards. Bro, if you don’t want to be used as a ladder than A) get the fuck out of the way, or B) block the shot.

PS, I don’t want to get racist, but I have to. No way this kid has normal human bones, ligaments and tendons. Default human parts can’t jump that high. He most definitely has something different from the rest of us. Something added. Guess we’ll just have to wait until he blows an ACL, LCL, MCL, or PCL for Dr James Andrews to check him out and notify us of any extra amenities.



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