The BCS Still Thinks Notre Dame Is #1

Yahoo! Sports – The Colley Matrix poll is one of six computer formulas used by the BCS in determining its rankings. While there’s a more detailed description of the formula used in the Colley Matrix poll, there’s also a more general description of the formula on the poll’s website.

Colley’s matrix method for ranking college football teams is explained in detail, with many examples and explicit derivations. The method is based on very simple statistical principles, and uses only wins and losses as input—margin of victory does not matter. The scheme adjusts effectively for strength of schedule, in a way that is free of bias toward conference, tradition, or region. Comparison of rankings produced by this method to those produced by the press polls shows that despite its simplicity, the scheme produces common sense results.

This method focuses more on “deservedness” to play in the national championship game than it does predictiveness, per se, which may be of more interest to some fans and bookmakers, who often consider margin of victory, injuries and other factors in assessing the possible outcome of a particular game.

The Colley Matrix, one of the six computer systems used by the BCS, has Notre Dame ranked No. 1 and the Crimson Tide No. 2. Notre Dame’s final ranking was 0.973997 to Alabama’s 0.961139. Notre Dame had an edge in strength of schedule. Alabama won more games against top 25 teams in the rankings. Margin of victory is not part of the calculations. No matter how the computer spit out that reading, it’s worth mentioning again: An entity the BCS uses still prefers Notre Dame to Alabama.


The BCS is so gangster. It doesn’t care that Alabama had won the game 9 minutes into the 1st quarter, or that they were up 35-0 at one point, or that they finally won 42-14. Nope, none of that matters to the BCS. If the BCS wants Notre Dame to be number 1, then Notre Dame is going to be number 1. It ain’t trying to hear otherwise. Total wins mean nothing. Wins against top teams mean nothing. Margin of victory means nothing. Its all based on strength of schedule.

Its like when you let your girl live with you, you take care of her financially, and stay loyal and respectful to her, but her mom complains that your not good enough because the ex-boyfriend made more money. You’ll never beat he mother. The rest of the NCAA might as well just mail it in for the 2013-2014 season. Take your grandma’s inheritance, your college tuition, and put it all on the Fighting Irish next year. The BCS has your back.



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