Chris Rainey Chases Down His Girlfriend For Stealing His Cell Phone And Open Hand Slaps Her In The Face

PFT – Steelers running back Chris Rainey was arrested this morning in Gainesville, Fla., on charges of slapping his girlfriend in the face during an argument over a cell phone.

According to Matt Watts of the Miami Herald, Rainey was charged with one misdemenaor count of simple battery (dating violence). Rainey remains in custody awaiting his first court appearance.

According to a Gainesville Police spokesman, a 911 call was placed by witnesses who reported an argument between Gainey and his girlfriend, after she took his cell phone and got into his roommate’s car trying to get away from him.

According to the police report, witnesses said Rainey went to the passenger door of the car and pulled the woman out of the car, slapping her in the face. They both fell to the ground, then he chased her to try to get the phone back, grabbing her purse and causing both to fall again.

Neither the woman nor Rainey had any reported injuries.


When are women going to understand that touching a man’s possession without asking will never end in a successful manner. Especially if the man is a track and field star and NFL running back. Good luck trying to get away from him, sweetheart. And calm down, girls. Its not because we’re trying to hide cheating or anything like that. Its the principle. You chicks are always down our backs like bloodhounds wondering what we’re up to. Who we’re with. And when we’re doing it. We can tell you but it still doesn’t veer your attention. So when you go as far as to taking our cell phone and running off into another man’s getaway car, or rummage through it while we’re trying to take a piss at our friend’s house, our trust is hurt. We tend to overreact. Plus, you’ll just find nothing. Ain’t that right?

I’m putting a hundred on Chris Rainey having a couple Safari windows open of surprise gifts for his girlfriend. Possibly an engagement ring. Probably had a few texts messages to her mom and dad telling them how much he loved her and wanted to propose this coming weekend. Probably even a poem or personal message he wrote on Notes that he was going to read during the proposal. This is the stuff that’s on our phones, ladies. You’d know eventually if you quit hijacking our shit and jumping into automobiles with our roommate(s).


PS, Remember when I talked about guys having a code? Chris Rainey’s roommate broke the code when he decided to be the getaway for Rainey’s girlfriend. Chicks are evil, bro. Chicks are evil.



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