Is This… Real?

Yahoo! Autos – According to the video uploader, the car was commissioned by a diplomat living in Rabat, Morocco.


I’m calling bullshit on this one. I won’t get into the science of why this is fake, I’m no scientist or auto mechanic, but there’s no way that that is mechanically sound and safe. The middle would definitely buckle under the weight and collapse. And don’t try to tell me otherwise. The internet has told me a lot of stories and lies throughout my years, from the baby being snatched by an eagle to Rex Ryan’s fake tattoo being real, but nothing as large as this one. Trying to tell me that this is a real vehicle is pushing it. It can’t even drive on a normal road. It looks like its 2 and a half Jeeps in one. It takes up two driving lanes. I don’t care that there’s a Youtube video showing it drive down the street. This is 100% fake. Mark it down.



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