I’m So Jealous Of Jack Lew’s Loopy Signature, As Should The Rest Of You

New York News & Features – Jack Lew, President Obama’s reported pick to replace outgoing Treasury secretary Tim Geithner, is known as a no-nonsense backroom negotiator with wonkish tendencies, who is admired on the left and grumbled about on the right.

A lesser-known but extremely pertinent fact about Lew is that he has the world’s worst signature. And pretty soon, that signature could be on every single one of your dollar bills.

If Lew is confirmed as Treasury secretary, his signature will occupy the lower-right-hand spot on U.S. paper currency. And that signature, which was widely mocked when it surfaced on a September 2011 memorandum, is legitimately crazy.


How cocky is Jack Lew with this signature? Its doesn’t remotely resemble his name at all and yet he doesn’t care. Obama doesn’t care. No one cares. He’s just allowed to keep writing his name as if it were a roller coaster ride. Meanwhile, Rolando McClain was arrested for misleading police officers when he wrote “Fuck Y’all” as his name on a window tint violation. That’s America.



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