Grade A Prime – Julianna Hough


Its moments like this that make me question the legitimacy of Jesus Christ. Like how can this be Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend? His whole claim to fame is hosting American Idol. I’d literally know nothing about him without that. And yet he  pulls a banger for a girlfriend. Get. The. Fuck. Out. All this makes me want to do is hustle harder. Like if this is what he can get then I’ve grossly been underachieving and undervaluing my product. If he can do this with his looks and money then I should easily be able to pull a 7-8 with my looks and no money. Its like that. Give me a few millions and I’m pulling two Julianne Houghs. Her and one of her three sisters. And that’s not bragging, thats a no doubt abouter. Mark it down. Once I get paid, its a wrap like Reynolds.



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