11-Year-Old Is Deemed A Basketball Prodigy Because Everyone Refuses To Play Defense

Daily News – When the Downey Christian School varsity basketball team takes the court, all eyes are on their star player. Though at 4-years younger than his teammates, and 14-inchest shorter than the next smallest player, they may have to strain to see him.

At only 4-foot-five-inches tall and 70 pounds, Julian Newman, 11, has taken the basketball world by storm and he still can’t even drive. Still only in in 5th grade, Newman has become a viral sensation with video of him taking on players twice his size racking up more than 2 million views on YouTube.

The pint-sized point guard has attracted the attention of ‘Inside Edition,’ been invited on ‘Steve Harvey,’ and even been invited to perform at an Orlando Magic game. 

‘He’s a very talented kid and comes from a great family,’ Joe Davis, the national recruiting coordinator for ScoutsFocus, told the New York Times. ‘He’s smaller, so that’s going to be his main obstacle, but he has a great future once he hits a growth spurt or two.’


Kid has nice handles, but not one person even played pressure d or even put up a hand. Looks like he was being defended by a Mike D’Antoni coached defense. Let a basketball be my friend for a year, and let me play in a game where no one plays defense against me because I’m half their size and half their age and I bet I look like a prodigy too. Its just like the videos of the midget playing basketball. Everyone felt bad for him because he’s a midget. Just look at the comments Sandra made about midgets. Small people catch a rap for being small. So when you’re 11 and playing against varsity high school kids they’re bound to feel bad for you. Its like when a 5-year-old asks you to chase them, you’re not actually going to catch them. Not until you’ve chased them for 30-45 seconds and you’ve started to get winded. Its an unwritten rule. Unless you’re me and you just tell them you’re tired or hurt- get them off your case for a bit.

Saying you’d block the 11-year-old is like saying you’d block this Asian Jeremy Lin basketball baby.. Ain’t gonna happen. Not unless you’re me. I’m swatting this kid 11 out of 10 times. Its called tough love and competitive spirit. I’d even beat a dementia grandmother in a memory game if I had to. Losing isn’t an option.

Grandma after collecting all four Jacks – “Do you have any Jacks?”



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