Saban’s Fake Daughter Is Better Looking Than His Real Daughter

The internet can be such a sham. I stumbled across a tweet on Twitter about the above girl being Nick Saban’s daughter. Grade A Prime, right? Not so fast. I quickly Google’d Nick Saban’s daughter and came across this..



Now, she’s not ugly by no means, but she’s also not the girl pictured originally. Not even close. I Google’d the girls name, too, and got the same photos. I mean I seriously considered becoming an Alabama fan solely for her. Fuckin’ Christ, man. How can the internet seriously fuck up this bad? These bitches don’t have the same eyes, nose shape, face shape, or hair type. You couldn’t even sit here and say they were both Saban’s daughters. I wouldn’t even believe that. One is his daughter, and one is just some fine piece of ass. Wonder how Saban sleeps at night knowing his imaginary daughter is hotter than his real daughter. Having ugly kids is one of my biggest fears in life. Right up there with balding and my teeth falling out.



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