Snap, Crackle And Pop Don’t Just Work For Kellogg’s, They Are The Sounds Of RGIII’s Knee


The Washington Redskins are a franchise that apparently aren’t very good at keeping their quarterback’s legs strong. In 1985, Joe Theisman suffered a broken leg that ended his career. Four weeks ago, Robert Griffin III suffered a knee/leg injury that looked like it was going to end his season. Instead, he took one week off and then limped his way through two weeks. Sunday’s game started off like a ball of fire for Washington.

Griffin got them a quick 14-0 lead. But then Washington’s clock struck midnight. While bootlegging to the right, RGIII’s knee gave out and he was down for a short time before limping off the field. He then spent roughly two quarters barely able to walk and unable to properly plant his right leg to throw. Seattle rambled off 21 unanswered during this time. With 6:30 minutes left in the 4th RGIII had 105 total yards for the game and Washington was down 21-14.

This is when all of D.C. cringed in fear. On a botched snap Griffin went to plant and pick up the ball when his right leg gave out and made a 90 degree angle to the right. It was right up there in grossest moments I’d seen in sports. Seeing a guy tear an ACL, or separate a shoulder, sprain an ankle or get a concussion doesn’t do much to me. Sometimes the sprain ankle can be gruesome but come on, we’ve all rolled ankles. However, seeing a guy’s arm or leg bend completely the wrong way like Gumby turns my stomach. It’s like I can feel it. Like its happening to me.

The worst part about all this is that Mike Shannahan could have prevented all this four weeks ago. See, word is Dr James Andrews never cleared RGIII to play. Shannahan and the ‘Skins staff did. But even with that, RGIII had managed to get the job done mediocrely the last two weeks. So I can’t blame Shanny for not starting and playing him Sunday. What I can blame him for is not taking him out once he re-injured himself and saw him struggling. Mightily.

It was his job as head coach to do everything to give his team the best opportunity to win the game. And by continually strolling out a QB on one leg while you have a capable backup sitting the bench, you’re not doing your job to the best of your ability. If I’m a ‘Skins fan I’m in disbelief. I’m heart broken. And I’m pissed beyond belief. But, I’m a Giants fan and I say, “hahaha hahaha haha.”



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