6-Year-Old Gets Rockem Sockemed For Name-Calling

Huff Po – An Arizona man has been arrested after allegedly punching his girlfriend’s six-year-old son in the chest at a daycare center in Mesa, Arizona.

Javier Dwayne Rouse, 33, of Mesa, Arizona, allegedly hit the boy after the child called another kid “an unacceptable name,” according to court documents obtained by AzCentral.com.

According to the police report, surveillance video of the incident shows the child flying “approximately four feet in the air” before landing directly on his buttocks and sliding up the wall, Geobeats reported.

Rouse was arrested last week on suspicion of aggravated assault on a vulnerable child.

Police said he admitted hitting the child, but “didn’t think he punched the child hardlike an adult would be hit,” according to Hot1047.com.


I’m going to go a couple of places here. First off, who hasn’t wanted to punch a child before? I mean, really? You’ve got the baby who cries, and shits, and cries, and shits 24/7: You have the toddler who just whines his ass off about being held; And you have the little fucker who’s 6 or older that knows they’re being annoying and they just keep it up to see how far they can get. Like when you tell them they cant do something. Best believe that fucker will attempt to do it within 10 seconds while peering over at you like “whatchu gon’ do about it, bitch?” It never goes away. The sophistication of their complaint just increases. They begin to understand what they’re doing and how they can get away with it. So when this kid called the other kid an unacceptable name- probably shit pants or something like that- I can believe it. Kids do that all the time. I was swearing at about 10, my sister was probably 5 when she started. Its just how the world operates these days. Adults want to punch kids all the time. And most of the time, kids deserve to be punched.

What I will disagree with is that fact that this child went four feet in the air and he feels like he didnt hit him that hard. Not like he’d punch an adult. Sounds to me like he went Rockem Sockem Robots on this youngens life. Complete school bus driver re-enactment. Next time you might want to ease up. Maybe open hand slap. Leave the uppercuts for the 13 and olders.



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