Jose Canseco And Ponce De Canseco For 2013

Jose Jose2 Jose3 Jose4


If you’re not following Jose Canseco on Twitter than you’re not doing Twitter correctly. Along with Meek Mill being one of my top Twitter follows, Jose Canseco has become number 2. Guy’s Twitter is so hot right now. Just fire tweet after fire tweet. Most of it making no sense and just being a bunch of rambled words together. I was pretty sure like a month ago I thought that steroids couldn’t affect your brain and make you more stupid, but upon further investigation of following Jose, I’m pretty sure it also has a negative impact on your intellectual ability.

Im not sure whether to take Ponce De Canseco serious, or whether to believe that he’s just off in his own world creating some imaginary company up in his mind. An anti-aging drink corporation? Really? I mean, is he trying to sell steroids within a beverage? Because that’s all I can think of. Then he’s holding imaginary staff meetings on Twitter. Just tweeting out random thoughts about Ponce De Canseco, completely forgetting about the second business detail to attend to. He just skipped from the first detail to the third. Jose being Jose.

All he wants to do is work for free for the Toronto Blue Jays as long as they repaint his gold seat, become a Canadian resident, run for government, expand In ‘n’ Out Burger into our neighbors to the north, fix The Gardiner Expressway and solve the NHL’s strike. All in a days work for “The Chemist.”



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