Dexter Is Killer

I know I’m 7 years behind the curve, but I just started watching Dexter this past weekend. STL had been on my case to give it a chance, kept saying it was out of this world. I didn’t believe him. Mostly because murder mysteries, horror, that kind of stuff doesn’t intrigue me. CSI, Law & Order, neither caught my interest. But Dexter? Dexter is my sick obsession.

I haven’t been this into a show since, since ever. Yesterday I spent 10 consecutive hours watching season 3. Today, I spent another 9 or so on season 4. Currently I’m watching season 5, episode 1 and its 3:40am. I had to after the way season 4 ended. It was an absolute mind blower. Left me open-mouthed, and in disbelief. I don’t care what you watch, whether its Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Homeland or whatever else, Dexter is the best thing going.

My infatuation with this show is like a high school girl with her first boyfriend. Absolutely love it and its only been 4 days. Not quite sure what I’ll do if I ever lose it. All I know is that I’ll be an emotional wreck. Tissues, wine and chocolate for days. The cure for emotional distress.



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