Good Job, Good Effort, Big Blue


But the Giants torturesome season continues..

How’s everyone doing? Well? Have a fun holiday break? Because the Sports Reporter’s started off shaaaaaaaa-itttttttttttyyyy. Damn near swam in a bathtub full of razor blades Sunday night, where I proceeded to clean up with alcohol, after drinking a bottle of Clorox’s finest. Yeah. That’s what being a fan of the 2012 New York Giants will do to you. Not only that, but the fat man didn’t bring me Melanie. There you have it kids, Santa is a mean old, fat bastard. Eat a dick, Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick.

Lets get back to this New York Giants fiasco. They’ve been outscored 67-14 in their last 8 quarters of play. An absolute atrocious effort of football talent. And its not just an obvious answer as to what the problem is. Its not pin pointed to just one thing. The d-line cant get to the quarterback. The cornerbacks cant stop anyone. Corey Webster needs to be traded. For anything. Literally. The offensive line cant block for more than 3 seconds on passing plays, and they cant open a running lane for shit. Eli therefore is getting harassed, which leads to Nicks and Cruz being worthless. As everyone saw Sunday night from 4:25-7:30.

Coughlin says they’re putting forth the effort, but being outplayed. Bradshaw says the motivation isn’t there. The fire. Antrel Rolle says they need to focus and bear down. Get into playoff/Super Bowl mode. All I’ve heard is a bunch of excuses, and then no results come Sunday. I saw a team take apart San Fran in San Fran, Green Bay in New York, and New Orleans in New York. Then I saw the same team lose to Philly, Washington, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Baltimore. And by a lot when they played the last three. 98-27. I wish I could say I’m looking forward to Sunday, and that I’m cheering on Washington, Green Bay, and Detroit, but truth be told, I don’t find New York deserving of a playoff spot. Just let the season end, if they get in they should be allowed to trade their spot to a more willing team for a future draft pick. Build for the future instead of going out in the Wildcard round.



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