T.I.’s Album Release Party Turns Into An Underground Rap Battle Between DeSean Jackson’s Jaccpot Records And Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers

It started off how any underground rap battle I’d expect to start: Pitch black, a bunch of dudes talking over each other, and the camera moving all over the place. All T.I. was looking to do was celebrate his album release and a rap battle between Jaccpot Records and Dream Chasers took off. But what do you expect when you put a 100+ black rappers and athletes together in a basement? A rap battle is bound to breakout at sometime. And just to show how intelligent DJax is, he originally wanted his dude to battle Meek. Ok, DeSean. Apparently you took one too many hits to the dome piece this year. Philly done fucked you up, brah.

To me, the battle wasn’t even close. I judge off the top. Lil Snupe did nothing but go off the top. At points Meek was telling him what to rap about. “Rap about all of ’em. Rap about DeSean Jackson, DJ Amir, all of them.” Lil Snupe did just that.

I like how DeSean was out as soon as he heard he lost. Like T.I. was having a convo with his artist, telling him to keep doing his thing. How he had a flow for a record and to stick to that and not worry so much about battle rapping. Then by the time Meek went to dap up Jackson, he was gone. About time he used his speed for something because he sure as hell didn’t do anything this year, my fantasy team is proof. And on top of that, isn’t DJax hurt for the rest of the season and on I.R.? He looked pretty good to me. Either he’s the fastest heeler of all time, he used PEDs for a boost, or the injury was all a ploy. I’ll go with the latter.

Anyway, Meek being Meek, got to Twitter to notify the world of Jaccpot’s loss and DJax fleeing the scene..



Meek Mill is easily turning into my favorite Twitter follow. Nothing political correct. Types it exactly how he feels it. And the next day he doesn’t sign back on and say his Twitter was hacked. Because we all know, none of these celebrities are getting their Twitters hacked. They’re just too drunk on a Saturday night where they take to social media to voice their honest thoughts. It then becomes their PR’s responsibility to develop a fake “Twitter hack” story.


Ps, Gotta love Meek and Lil Snupe taking multiple Instagram and Twitter pictures with $22,000. Such a rapper move.



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