Meek Mill Says Cassidy Lost His Mind- Really Gone Off Top Mentally

Well the Apocalypse didn’t come Friday, but that’s why we have Meek Mill on Twitter. So that hot fire can still be tossed around. I’m not sure what sparked his semi-assault towards Cassidy at 1am, but Meek made it quite apparent he still has beef with Cass, even tweeting @CASSIDY_LARSINY, Cassidy’s official Twitter handle. Whether its real or hip hop scripted, who knows. And who knows whether they’ll actually battle or just continue putting out jabs at one another via songs and mixtapes. My guess is this turns into a Floyd/Pacquiao thing where people within hip hop would be intrigued to see it, but it never happens. In my opinion, Meek has too much to lose now that he’s mainstream, and is coming off a recent release of a mixtape and album. He’s all the hype right now with MMG. Any kind of loss, or undisputed win, would hurt his brand and marketing. Plus, if you know Cassidy, this is what he feeds off of. He doesn’t put out albums. He’s a mixtape artist. A diss artist. One of the best, if not, the best lyricist going. Meek goes off flow, not necessarily lyrics. You can’t just go off flow in a rap battle. Not unless you feel like losing $100K.












And Meek closes the Twitter attack the nicest way a rapper could, by offering to donate the entire 100K to Philly schools. Now if Cassidy says no to the battle, or no to donating the money, it sounds like he hates Philly and it’s schools. Meek Mill: The Hustla.

I guess this is what did it, Cassidy’s new song “Condom Style.” I can’t lie, I hate it too. Hate this song. Hate condoms. I’m on Team Meek now.

UPDATE: This was the diss Meek Mill was talking about listening to. The one that he said showed Cass “lost his mind.” And “gone off top mentally.”



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