An 8-Year-Old Lindsay Lohan Wannabe, Goes Around Snatching Holiday Packages From Her Neighbors

MSN – Santa is going to have to make a last-minute revision to his Naughty and Nice list once he gets this YouTube link from one of the elves. This naughty 8-year-old girl snatched holiday packages off three neighbors’ front porches and absconded with them. (Perhaps for an early Christmas unwrapping binge?) Neighbors are nothing less than furious that they’ve had hundreds of dollars’ worth of gifts stolen. They’re also surprised it is a little girl rather than a teen boy or animal grinching their gifts. The girl hasn’t been charged with a crime, and though she looks adorable trying to run with the oversize packages, this probably still deserves a stocking full of coal.


I don’t want to call this girl a bitch, mainly because she’s 8-years-old, but robbing your neighbors of their Christmas deliveries is about as bitchy as it gets. This is just another example to go on my list of reasons not to have a daughter. Right under, 1) Potential Whore, 2) Knocked up in high school, 3) Potential juvenile delinquent who robs the neighbors of gifts during Christmas. I don’t need that kind of shit in my life. I’m stressed enough watching the Nets blow every 3rd quarter lead, the Mets just being the Mets, and the Giants feeling like the only time they have to play is from mid-December until the second week of February. I’d be 1 step away from the LA Butt-Naked Man if I had a daughter on top of all that. I hope her parents are bunkered down for the next 10 or so years. This has Lindsay Lohan written all over it.



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