7-Year-Old Cancer Patient, Gets His Wish And Meets Daniel Bryan

MSN – A 7-year-old’s dream came true on Tuesday when a social media campaign allowed him to meet his WWE hero. It all started with a YouTube video of cancer patient Connor Michalek making a plea to meet his all-time favorite WWE wrestler, Daniel Bryan. Michalek, of Shaler Township, Penn., was diagnosed with cancer of the brain and spine when he was just 3 years old. In the four years since then, he has had brain surgery, several other intensive surgeries, nine full rounds of chemotherapy and six full weeks of full spine and brain radiation. Doctors gave him a 1 percent chance of surviving, reported CBS Pittsburgh. The viral video made its rounds on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and eventually made it all the way to Bryan. In less than a day, WWE and Bryan confirmed that he and Michalek would meet. “It kinda brings a tear to my eye to know somebody like Connor wants to meetsomebody like me, so that’s kinda cool,” said Bryan to CBS Pittsburgh. Bryan invited Michalek to attend a WWE Raw event as well as the taping of the Christmas Eve episode of WWE Superstars. Dressed in a Daniel Bryan T-shirt and accessorized with Daniel Bryan wristbands, necklace and title belt, Michalek finally met his hero, reported WPXI. “Well, they call me ‘Stone Crusher,'” Michalek says in the video. And when Bryan entered the room he asked, “Where’s the Stone Crusher?” “I’m here,” Michalek replied with a smile. Bryan gave Michalek some wrestling T-shirts and signed autographs for him. According to CBS Philadelphia, Bryan even allowed Michalek to put him in hisinfamous move, the “No Lock.” “It’s unbelievable. I’m so touched,” Michalek’s mom, Brittany, said in an interview to WXPI. “I can’t even describe how happy we are for him,” his dad Steve added. “It’s actually a very humbling experience as far as all of the struggles he’s going through, and for him to want to meet me, I mean, I’m just a small town guy from Washington. Anything you can do for someone like Connor, oh my gosh, I’m equally as thrilled to meet him,” said Bryan.


Screw all the haters who bash wrestling for being a sham because its fake. Yeah, its fake. So are all the soap operas and movies you watch, reality shows, and episodes of Jersey Shore. They’re all scripted. Yet no one mocks them. Wrestling is a form of entertainment. But unlike actors these guys put their body in jeopardy for every show. And they always say they do it for the fans. Never is that more obvious than when you see their Tribute To The Troops show, their involvement with Make-A-Wish, and now this story where Daniel Bryan went and visited a 7-year-old fan all because he caught wind of a viral video that made its rounds. You have to respect these superstars immensely for their involvement with children and these organizations. I have a special place for stories like this due to my own circumstance so I’m always excited and touched to hear these kinds of things. Must be the side of me that was raised around 5 women my whole life. I’m glad Connor was able to forget about his situation for a small amount of time and just focus on being a happy 7-year-old. Every child deserves that. From a chronically ill blogger, and a recipient of a Make-A-Wish, thank you Daniel Bryan for going out of your way to make someone else’s life more enjoyable.


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