Is This.. The Dumbest Thing You’ve Heard? … Police Chief Tells Women To Fend Off Rapists With Chili Powder

MSN – Another public official is making controversial statements about what women can do to protect themselves against rape. Surprisingly, this time it isn’t coming from an old, male, American lawmaker. Instead, it’s coming from K.P. Raghuvanshi, the police commissioner in the Indian city of Thane outside of Mumbai, who said women should carry chili powder to throw at possible attackers as a way to fend them off. He made his comments as countrywide protests continue after a 23-year-old woman was gang-raped and beaten on a bus in Delhi. Protesters have called Raghuvanshi’s statement “idiotic.” Student Kajol Batra countered, “We shouldn’t have to protect ourselves with cooking ingredients.”


I love when idiotic people get to talking about rape. Literally love it. Like when that tool, Paul Ryan, said rape was a form of conception. Or when his buddy, Todd Atkin and Judge Derek Johnson, came in and said women’s bodies have a way of shutting down during “legitimate” rape so as to prevent pregnancy. Now this fool, K.P. Raghuvanshi, thinks all women should just carry around chili powder to use as a defense mechanism against rape. Screw trying to stop rape or punish the rapist. How about you just carry around a McCormick’s bottle of chili powder? Like the women can just go around yelling “Bam!” like Emeril Lagasse, throwing chili powder in the rapist’s eyes. And if you don’t get raped, at least you’ll have some bomb seasoning if you decide on having chili or tacos later on. Best part about this is that his comment came after a 23-year-old female was severely beaten and raped by six men on a bus in Delhi, India. Currently she is still hospitalized and fighting for her life as her body is developing sepsis. Yet this dude thinks chili powder could have protected her and saved her life.

That’s why I love this shit. You know how when you hear a funny joke, or a funny acronym or saying and you’re like, “Ah damn, I need to remember that for later.” Well that’s how I am with rape stories. If I see them online- I bookmark them; on Twitter- I favorite them. I need to keep documented proof that my mind isn’t just making this up. That there are actual individuals out there who think these thoughts, have told someone these thoughts, and have allowed them to be published. I mean, I’ve thought some shit, but then was like, “Damn, good thing no one can read minds. I’m gonna have to keep that one to myself. Take it to the grave.” I don’t know if these individuals are missing that part of their mind, or they’re just so firmly entrenched in their beliefs that they can’t realize when they’re living and believing a fictitious life.



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