Chris Nunez Taps Into His Inner Hitler For Ink Master’s Season Finale

Had to catch up on the DVR with Ink Master’s season finale. Didn’t come away with too much other than the fact that whoever was assigned to help Chris Nunez with his wardrobe and style either A) totally fell asleep on the job, B) doesn’t care about their job, or C) hates Jews and America.

I love the sleek combover, real fashionable for this day and age but it just has the Hitler feel to it. Hitler is one of the last things I’d want people comparing me to while I was on national television. Could’ve looked like some 50’s badass. Instead you looked like some 40’s dictator who spearheaded one of the largest mass genocides.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe no one else felt this way. But, that’d be a first, so I doubt it.


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