Grade A Prime – Miss Australia, Renae Ayris


The fact that Miss Austalia didn’t win last night is preposterous. This competition is rigged for sure, for sure. Yeah, Miss USA, Olivia Culpo is fire. Dime piece for damn sure. But that dress she ended the competition with? Really, Olivia? I want to see sexy. I want to see skin. I thought I saw someone dressing like they lived in the 40’s or 50’s. Downright atrocious for the timeframe we live in. Miss Australia brought the heat all night. She introduced me to a whole new love of blondes. I thought I was a brunette guy. But then upon witnessing her beauty, I’m questioning my allegiance. Never thought one woman could have such an impact on my life. I love you, Renae Ayris. You’re my Miss Universe.




This pic did me in. So hot. So fire…


UPDATE: The fact that this dude is the one who gets to play the sacred baby making ritual game with her has blown my mind. I need to move to Australia fast, fast. If he can pull their Miss Universe, I could have whomever I wanted. Probably even become their Prime Minister. Sports Reporter For The Aussie Life in 2013!



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