Where Does Skip Bayless Get Off Lying And Betraying The Public Into Believing He Has A Girlfriend?

Go ahead and look at that cockiness. That smug grin. It’s no secret that The Sports Reporter and Skip Bayless have a rivalry going on. Not so much on his part, but a lot on mine. His antics for Tim Tebow raise my blood pressure to unhealthy levels, his love for the New England Patriots makes me want to puke, and his constant refusal to ever believe that he’s wrong- even when he’s blatantly proven to be so- has me wanting to go to Bristol and exchange all his Diet Mountain Dews for regular Mountain Dews. Totally fuck with his “healthy” “ripped” body as he likes to so often brag about. But none of this even comes close to the developing news that was brought to my attention this past weekend by fellow writer, Tye Cobb. It has been mentioned on First Take by Stephen A. Smith that Skip Bayless has a girlfriend named Ernestine. However, the only thing that Google can tell me about this “Ernestine” is that her last name is Sclafani, she’s Skip Bayless’ girlfriend, she’s a publicist and that they met 7-years ago at ESPN where he told her on their first date that he was already married – to his job.

Now, Google is by far the most intelligent being on the face of planet Earth. Nothing fucks with Google. So when I Googled “Ernestine Sclafani” I expected to get some news on this “publicist.” However, all I got was articles about Skip Bayless. Don’t believe me? Here ya go..



And those two chicks in Google images? Mary Kay and Allison Kempe. Both not Ernestine Sclafani. Google has no mention of this “publicist” who supposedly worked for ESPN. ESPN people. The fuckin’ world wide leader in sports. Yeah. A worker for them is undetectable via the fuckin’ internet. I’m detectable by the internet and all I have is a blog via WordPress. Yet, you can still Google my name and shit about me will pop up. Shit that has nothing to do with Water Cooler Talk. And, no, it has nothing to do with the law. I’m as clean as MJ’s bald head.

It all comes down to the obvious.. Skip Bayless has been lying to all of us. There’s no such woman as Ernestine Sclanfani. Not when it comes down to being his girlfriend. Everything the internet has of her is info provided by Skip. Not only does Skip betray during First Take, but he’s taking it into his personal life. I see you, Skip. I’ve figured you out. Nothing gets by the Sports Reporter. Can’t wait for you to respond via Twitter or call me out on First Take. I’ll call in to debate you any time. Maybe even show up to Bristol.


6 thoughts on “Where Does Skip Bayless Get Off Lying And Betraying The Public Into Believing He Has A Girlfriend?

  1. Why are there no pictures of her anywhere then? An executive with a PR firm and no photos? Anywhere? No matter how long ago? Nothing on LinkedIn? Facebook? No photos with articles? Really? I doubt she’s real and I think she’s a cover story for him.


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