Is This… The Most Fitting Matchup T-Shirt Of All-Time?



This shirt has been making it’s rounds through the internet as of late. Even getting into the hands of former Irish quarterback, Jimmy Clausen. He tweeted this picture, but quickly removed it due to outrage against him. I don’t know what the outrage is, I mean, the shirt speaks the truth. I absolutely hate the Irish, can’t stand them, but if you don’t think this 100% sums up this BCS title game then you’re off your rocker. It’s known that the Irish players are Catholics, Notre Dame is a Catholic school. And Alabama is about as redneck as you get. Cousin loving is socially acceptable down there like gift giving during Christmas. What’s the outrage, south? If you don’t want a t-shirt stating your lifestyle, then don’t fuck your cousin. In 1988, the Irish created t-shirts saying “Catholics vs Convicts” and no one cried to have it removed. I mean, people at the University of Miami weren’t fans, but it was there fault for being criminals so they accepted it. So accept the fact that you’re a bunch of cousin fucking, inbreed rednecks and win the BCS Championship. The SEC Conference is depending on it.



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