A Crocodile Jumps At An Australian Dude And I’m Pretty Sure God Wants Me To Laugh About It

It’s official, Australians are no smarter than southerners. Just swimming along trying to see how close they can get to this man-eating beast, when it finally becomes fed up and leaps into the water, nearly decapitating one of the swimmers head. First things first, I’m smart enough not to swim anywhere but a family/friend’s pool. Rivers, lakes, oceans aren’t my thing. I prefer living. So to say that I’d jump in water when I saw a crocodile laying on a rock across the way, is just ludicrous. And to make matters worse, these fools laughed like it was some goldfish. “Haha, look at the croc, mate. Nearly took, Felix’s head off.” Meanwhile, none of them swim off out of the water. They just wade around with the crocodile beneath their feet, lurking in the water. Looks like someone took one to many shot to the head with the boomerang.

I couldn’t help but remember Katt Williams’ stand-up about Tigers. I guarantee this was the crocodile’s exact thoughts.



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