Ricky Rozay Ain’t Scared Of No Gangster Disciples


Dec 7 – NBC News – Rapper Rick Ross has canceled his show this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, allegedly due to threats made by gang members in the area. The so-called Gangster Disciples released a video via YouTube warning the recently Grammy nominated artist to stay out of Charlotte. The alleged gang members claim to have a beef with Ross because of his use of the name of their founder, Larry Hoover, and the street gang’s symbol, the Star of David, on his latest mixtape Black Bar Mitzvah. Minister and hip-hop journalist Paul Scott told WCNC“I think fans should be concerned I think the parents should be concerned because you never know.” “No one took the Tupac-Notorious BIG beef seriously until they were both dead,” he added. The show’s promoter, Live Nation, will be refunding fan tickets.

Dec 14 – Hip Hop Press  – Look’s like the Rick Ross and Gangster Disciples fracas is all set to fizzle out with news now trickling out that the whole thing was make believe. Now who would’ve believed that? If you ask me, many will buy this. I mean, the world has better things to do and when you dig down, you find most things being driven by money. I mean, RoZay has his assets, he flaunts those, Rihanna has hers and she flaunts what she’s got. Tch…where’s reality in this world. The last good bust-up was the one Gunplay had with Fif and his team at the BET Awards. The whole thing, apparently, was hyped to digress from poor ticket sales for RoZay’s concerts. Sources out of North Carolina claim there were only 1200 tickets sold for the Greensboro and Charlotte North Carolina dates combined, so the promoter hyped up that three month old Gangster Disciples video so he could pull the plug on the tour and file an insurance claim!


You know you’re money hungry when you see poor ticket sales and decide its a better idea to cancel your show due to “gang threats” and collect an insurance claim rather than go through with the minimal attended concert. Rappers will go all out to make some dough. He better have paid off the Gangster Disciples swimmingly because otherwise, Rozay’s life really will be in danger. Gangs don’t play. They make their own rules, play by their own standards. One day you’re passing along a YouTube video they put out so you can collect some easy dough, and the next you’re found face down in some ditch by the railroad tracks. If you’re going to make money off of them in any manner, you might want to think of offering a percentage or asking permission to use their likeness.


Ps, These guys market themselves like whoa. This dude might really be hated by these guys across the country. You done fucked up, Ricky.


North Carolina







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