The No Show Lake Show


Chalk the season up. The Lake Show is a no show. All this talent on their roster from Dwight Howard to Pau Gasol to Metta World Peace to Kobe Bryant, to even their injured point guard Steve Nash. Yet they’re 9-14 for the season. And don’t get to telling me its because Nash has missed 9 games. I don’t care about that. If you don’t think Dwight, Pau, World Peace and Kobe can beat the Pacers, Kings, Magic and Cavaliers, then you’re foolish. Kobe and Dwight should be able to do that alone.

The fact of the matter is that after years of having Phil Jackson as coach, management has failed to be able to find a successful coach. Not sure why since its blatantly obvious as to the skill level of the coaches they have selected to the regular fan. I knew from the get go that Mike Brown wasn’t going to work. He did nothing in Cleveland. Practically rode LeBron’s coattails to the playoffs every year. And D’Antoni? Don’t get me started on that schmuck. In Phoenix and in New York the dude thought he was playing NBA 2K. Just having his teams jack shots up as fast as they could so they could score as many points as possible without relying on playing defense at all. His motto was to “score more points that the other team, no matter how they did it.” Well, coach, that’d be a little easier if you could stop the other team once in a while. This guy literally had players in Phoenix asking him at halftime how they were going to stop the Spurs pick and roll and D’Antoni’s answer was, “don’t worry about that. That’ll take care of itself.” Then he proceeded to draw up offensive plays. Get the fuck out of here. That’s what you want for a coach, Los Angeles? That’s who you thought “better fit” your 38 year-old point guard, your 32-year-old power forward, and your 34 year-old all-star shooting guard’s style? No. Fact of the matter was you didn’t want to bring Phil back in and admit that he held everything together. Phil’s system would have had Dwight and Paul on the block, taking advantage of both’s strengths, not sitting Pau on the bench while Dwight misses 60 percent of his free throws in the 4th quarter.

You’re not gonna run some fast paced, Lake Show style offense with a bunch of mid to late 30-year-old vets. You need to run a half court style, where you out smart your opponent. And who better to lead that than the guy who has 11 NBA Championships.


Its the decision of Kobe’s and I to just..


Even the coach. Actually, start with the coach. Fire him tonight. Call Phil. And have him start Tuesday against Charlotte. Otherwise, you can chalk up a wasted year for Kobe, who’s already acknowledged that he might be done after the 2013-2014 season. Ball’s in your court, LA. Make a move.


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