Rob Parker Opens His Mouth And Stupid Comes Out… Says RGIII Is A Cornball Brotha Who Dates Caucasian And Votes Repubican



Why does “being black” mean that you have to be “down with the cause” and look thugged out, street like, and have braids? Kind of stereotypical, isn’t it, Rob? The fact that RGIII has braids, votes Republican and has a white fiancé means nothing. Means he’s a human who has chosen to wear braids, vote Republican and was attracted enough to his fiancé where he chose to date her and propose to her. This is the kind of thinking that leads and perpetuates racism. This within the box thinking. If Skip had said this, or Eric Mangini, the internet would have erupted with comments that they’re being racist and judging. Rob Parker says it and somehow its “a question that needs to be asked.”

Now, I’m a Giants fan so I have no strings tied to RGIII. If anything he’s a rival of mine who’d I’d like to flare out and turn into Mark Sanchez. But,I don’t see that happening any time soon. This kid is here to stay. And he’s going to cause headaches in the NFC East, the NFC, and the NFL for years to come. Not only do young black athletes have someone positive to look up to now, but all young athletes can look up to RGIII, and yet his authenticity for being black is being questioned. Meanwhile, athletes like Mike Vick, Chad Johnson, Michael Irvin, Plaxico Burress, Donte Stallworth, Ray Lewis, Dez Bryant, and numerous other past and present African American athletes have been in trouble with the law and all everyone wants to point out is that it stems from their black roots and that that is a shame. Now there’s an athlete who’s breaking that stereotype and Rob Parker thinks he’s not “black enough” or that he’s not “down with the cause.”

What’s the cause, Rob? Being a Democrat? Having a black fiancé? Gun possession? Robbery? Drugs? Homicide? Felony arrests? What justifies being “down with the cause? Because as far as I can see, he’s surpassing “being down with the cause.” He’s surpassed you who still has a one track thought process. Take your beat up, 1970’s suits that you wear every time you’re on First Take and go chew on some barbed wire, brah. I thought I disliked you before today, but its official now. You and Skip are my two worst nightmares to ever get TV time talking sports. Not only do you make the knowledgable journalist ashamed, but you infuriate knowledgable fans like myself. Why don’t you go to the barbershop and watch some highlights of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech while Skip tells you all about how the Jets would be 10-3 right now and leading the AFC East if they’d just started Tim Tebow from game 1.

Ps, I’m guessing you’re a cornball brotha, right, Rob? I mean, you don’t have braids and you said those were as brotha as you could get, and you wear suits everyday and I don’t see brothas wearing suits everyday. Also, the internet has no grasp of whether you have a wife or girlfriend which is very unbrothalike. Brothas always have ladies. Typically white ones like RGIII’s.



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