Chickering Does It Again


No one ever said alcoholics knew how to spell, and my buddies and I learned that last weekend while we were at the local bar. Damn, Chickering Tavern can’t even spell their product right. Oduls, Heiniken and Bush Draft. We serious, guys? In a day where everyone has a smart phone that can access Google, you guys can’t even spell liquors and beers right. Jesus Christ, just go check your supply if you question your education. I mean, we were on our 3rd destination of the night, bar hopping like crazy, and we still noticed the error. Get your game right.

And quit with the handmade signs everywhere. The mystery of how much everything cost is part of the experience. We don’t need $2.50 written on medical tape that’s been stuck to the bottles. Also, raise your game a little higher. Literally no shot was more expensive that $3. Ranged from $2.50-$3. And now everyone knows the prices of your beers. It might be cool for your clientele, the poor folk, but ballers are going to start looking elsewhere. Like the Courthouse. Or Coops. Or literally anywhere else that can actually market themselves with the appropriate English language. Fuckin’ Jalisco’s is better at English and they’re a Mexican restaurant.



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