Ain’t Nothing Like Back In The Day Wrestling



My life has been pretty mediocre as of late. Its been meds for a lung infection and homework for the end of the semester. A whole lot of boring. When I have had free time I’ve been watching re-runs of Wrestlemania. Yeah. Started with Wrestlemania XV and made it to Wrestlemania XIII. I knew that shit had changed over the years. Not just the name from WWF to WWE, but the whole script of matches. The 90’s had the Attitude Era, the early 2000’s had the Aggression Era and now, we’re in the PG Era. Absolute boringness. By the way, didn’t think boringness was a word, but there’s no red squiggly line so, booya, Sports Reporter nailed that.

Anyway, Vince was a mastermind. Nighttime wear matches that turned to bra and panty matches, multiple matches every PPV that were worthy of main event matches, blading was a must, and the most important- the unexpected outcomes. It was literally unpredictable to think what he would do next. He sold sex, violence, and everything in between and wrestling was at the highest watched level because of it. Not anymore.

No more blood. No more mat wrestling. No more “holy shit” moments that require the chant from the audience. No more wrestlers that can cut a promo besides CM Punk. The divas are boring. And the scripts are too predictable. All to sell product and collect on advertisements. Come on, Vince. You’re better than that.

Here are my Top 5 Moment off the top of my head. I want moments like these:







My honorable mentions go to..


Looking back, I guess all I really need is Jeff Hardy, Edge, Undertaker, and Mick Foley. They were some crazy fucks. Edge retiring with a back injury doesn’t surprise me after I saw him break in two along with the ladder. What does surprise me is that Mick Foley is still alive, walking and talking. He just proves that concussions are a bunch of nonsense. People just overreacting. Head injuries are for the weak.



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