Python Devours Human-Sized Wildebeest Because Snakes Are Fucked Up, Case Closed


MSN – Nature can be so … gross. South African Rudi Hulshof, the manager of the Welgevonden Game Reserve, captured this image of a python devouring a two-month-old wildebeest calf — an unusually large meal for a python, which typically picks on smaller prey. Hulshof returned the next morning to look for evidence of the attack — only to found nothing, not even bones. Hulshof says he’s heard from snake experts about his shot: “Herpetologists I have consulted are all impressed, and dumbfounded by the images when they have seen them.”


Want to know why I hate creepy crawly things like reptiles, bugs, insects, and worms? Badda bing, badda boom there you go. This story is perfect evidence. Snakes are some fucked up creatures. And now that I know they can devour humans, the case is closed. I hate them even more than I ever thought I could hate something. Right up there with redneck white trash, Urban Meyer, the Dallas Cowboys, people who hate the combover, and New England sports.  I’m no longer a fan of any kind. Not the 2 foot garter snake, and certainly not a 20-plus foot python. Let’s just kill them all and move on with our lives.


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