Jay-Z Explains To An Old Lady Who He Is While Riding The Subway


“Oh you’re Jay-Z! I know about Jay-Z.”

Of course you do, Ellen. Everyone knows about Jay-Z. He’s the Jigga Man. He’s married to Beyonce. He owns his own record label. His own clothing line. Co-owns a club. And is a minority owner of his own basketball team which he helped move to his hometown. He can do no wrong. He does what he wants. And to all you racist, rapper hating rednecks, check how nice this dude his to randoms he meets while riding the subway to the Barclay’s Center. Just humble as can be with no care that this old lady knows who he is. The guy has everything. This was probably enjoyable as fuck to him. Just getting to sit around normal folk and have one of them have no idea who he is. Funny how we take small shit like that for granted.

With that said, I’d still take his life over mine. Money, money, money, plus Beyonce. Game. Over.



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