Guess The Athlete


If you guessed Kevin Durant you’re either his tattooer, a family member, a life-long friend or his slide off because there’s no one in regular life that would have guessed this. How come I never knew KD looked like JR Smith with his shirt off? I mean he doesn’t just have one tattoo, or two, or maybe a few small ones, this guy has a back piece and a full on chest/stomach piece. Just a collage of shit all over his torso. He might be the toughest non-tough guy ever. I mean look at him with his white tee just all slouched over, nice guy like and then you look at the tats and you’re like “fuck, this dude means business. He’d probably shank me on the court over a foul in the paint.” When in actuality you should be more afraid of little Russell Westbrook since he punks him every night with double the amount of shots and just as many points.



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