It’s Not Complicated; AT&T Is Just The Worst Phone Carrier

Huff Post – For the third year in a row, the telecommunications company was named the worst major cell phone service provider in Consumer Reports’ annual ranking, released on Nov. 29. AT&T “received ‘middling to low marks’ in voice and text service quality,” giving it the lowest overall score among carriers, according to Gizmodo. But AT&T wasn’t the only carrier customers hated on. According to NBC News, “none of the big four national carriers had an overall satisfaction score above 72 percent,” making this year’s marks lower than in past surveys. Among the four major U.S. carriers — AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile — Verizon was listed as the top-rated provider (again), receiving praise for its voice and data service quality. Engadget notes the results were based on a poll taken by over 63,250 subscribers through the Consumer Reports National Research Center.


I’ve been saying this since I received my first cellphone back in 2002. Back when the Nokia box phone that allowed you to play Snake, was popular. That was my first phone. Along with Cingular/AT&T as my wireless service provider. Unfortunately I had no choice as my mom was paying the bill and I had to piggyback off whatever service she had. It was a crime against humanity. I had a friend whose house only received service from Verizon. It was a complete dead zone every time I went over. Hated it. Not to mention I’d lose service driving around town. It was the worst of the worst. Until I turned 18 and could get my own plan. I was determined to go Verizon. Told everyone from age 15 that I wouldn’t settle for anything else. And that’s exactly what I did. Have yet to lose service, not even when Sandy mowed down my homeland. My bill stays the same as my mom’s, the same phones are offered now- I’m speaking iPhone, people- and the customer service is top notch. Meanwhile, my mom gets charged these random fees, or gets charged double; they can’t figure out how to help when towers are down, or when you need customer service setting up their equipment; and they ask you these made up questions that have no answer like, “ma’am, what is your favorite super hero?” Uh, she’s a chick. She has no favorite super hero. You nailed the aspects of your job, guys. Good job, good effort, AT&T.


AT&T might suck at what they have to offer as a product/service, but at least they’re making up for it with these new “It’s Not Complicated” commercials. I’ve been Google-ing these bitches for days to blog them. Finally found all three. Pure fire. Pure gold.


The boy describing the TV in the tree house murders the set. Chill out on the sugar, lil homie. You seem a bit hyped.


Apparently one beam does a little bit of damage, but two beams will make things explode. Thanks, brah.


This one is my favorite. The fat kid with the comb over. Love the humor. Love the sarcasm. Love the comb over. Kid knows his shit at an early age.


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