What’s With All This Talk About The Comb Over Hairstyle Being Unfashionable?

Look at the sleek style, the sophistication. The classiness. The comb over oozes all of these things. So when I decided to make my bi-weekly visit to the barbershop and opted for the sleek comb over I felt I was killing the game. No one could mess with my style. But the Sports Reporter has come across some differing opinions. To those people I give you this..

As a guy you can’t look at these images and not think, “damn, that hairstyle is top notch.” If you’re a chick you’re thinking, “I’d want my boyfriend to have that when I bring him home to my parents.” As parents, you all want your son to rock it and your daughters to eventual fuck a guy with it. Its the haircut of gentlemen. The haircut of the un-poor.  The haircut for the guy who knows what he wants out of life and isn’t afraid to go out and take it. The mullet is for homeless rednecks. Braids are for black people. The fade went out in 2005. And the buzzcut is purely a lazy man’s haircut. Or a military jock’s. Either way, I don’t want to be associated with it.

So I ask the fans of Water Cooler Talk, yay or nay to the sleek comb over?


3 thoughts on “What’s With All This Talk About The Comb Over Hairstyle Being Unfashionable?

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