Paul Pierce Has My Vote For The 2012 All-Defensive Team


It’s like Paul was just on ice. Joey just dribbling back and forth like a dad would do against his 4-year-old, knowing that the 4-year-old can’t take the ball from him. Completely toying with him. And then Paul goes all Twister and falls on all four while Johnson pulls up for the jumper. I mean if this shit would have happened on the playground, dudes would have been ooooooooing and aaawwwwwwwing. That’s embarrassing enough. But this shit happened on national television. Now folks like me can Google this video, watch it on YouTube, and then blog about it. Thank you, Paul.

Ps, Think this was the worst it could get for, Paul? Check out what Jameer Nelson did to him earlier this season..

If that’s not the definition of an ankle breaker than I don’t know what is. Also, pay no mind to the fact that he missed the jumper. He plays for Orlando. That’s what they do.



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