The Sanchize Gettin’ Up In Dat Ass

Totally understandable how he didn’t see the large guy right in-front of him.

This sums up the Jets entire season. This team is a complete joke. First, the trade for Tebow. How’s that Wildcat going? Oh right, they never use it. Completely wasting Tebow’s athletic talents for some headlines while destroying your already toxic locker room, smart move by a smart owner. You have a qb starting who is completely inept and can’t lead a team. Oh, he made it to the AFC Championship game his first two years? Mark Sanchez was carried to the playoffs by good defenses. I will admit that when in the playoffs he played well, but not well enough to have anything to actually show for it.

The Jets have a couple of big injuries, but let’s be honest here: Santonio Holmes is an overrated assclown who talks way too much, kinda like Cromartie but at least Cromartie actually contributes more than once a season. Losing Revis was huge, but again this is the fault of a team who built their defense completely around one person. What the fuck was plan B, Rex? Or were you too busy getting snacks and running your mouth about making the super bowl every year? The fact that he still stood up for Sanchez after this game took some guts, but he has to face it: He lost this locker room last season and it’s not going to get better. There are so many issues with this Jets team I might as well be watching Celebrity Rehab.

My Redskins might not be the best team, but at least the owner is finally realizing his way wasn’t working and now they’re moving in a positive direction. Rex Ryan will likely be fired by the end of the season, maybe Tannenbaum will go too. Doesn’t matter though until Woody Johnson gets his head out of his ass. And Sanchez should keep his head out of other people’s asses.



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