Preacher Fucked Some Kids? Let Him Preach. We’ll Keep The Kids Away.

Let me share with you the love of Jesus. Take off your pants.


Priests molesting kids is nothing new. We all know about the big catholic scandal a few years ago, and if you don’t you’re probably not old enough to be reading this shit anyway. Go watch “Power Rangers: We’re Out Of Ideas, Fuck You and Buy Shit Anyway.” So another priest or preacher diddles some kids and goes to jail. Darrell Gilyard just needed to get some, but instead of keeping it legal he decided to violate the laws of man. Did God tell him to fuck those teenagers? Doubt it. Either way, he did it and got caught and went to jail. He served his time, and I’m fine with that. I’m fine with forgiveness. What I’m not fine with is LETTING HIM COME BACK AND BE YOUR PREACHER! You KNOW what he did. How is he allowed to be a preacher? He violated his position, took advantage of his power and he fucked up. Pete Rose bet on baseball games while he was a manager and he’s BANNED FOR LIFE. This dude though, he gets to go back to being a preacher. The people of this congregation know what he did. So what do they do? They let him preach the word of God to them while making their children go to a separate place so that Mr. Gilyard doesn’t get in trouble.


Let me get this straight. You want to listen to a man with whom your children can’t be in the same room? And the number of his congregation is growing? Good job Jacksonville, Florida. You people need Tim Tebow more than I thought.

“C’mon guys. Let me preach in Jacksonville. Not like I’m doing anything in New York.”

Seriously, this is a problem with people. We’ve got no fucking clue what we’re doing. We let people in positions of power abuse their power and then cry foul when they keep doing it. When this dude knocks up some other teenage girl, he shouldn’t go to jail. No one should complain. They knew the risks and they let it happen anyway. They’d probably just forgive him and let him keep preaching anyway because clearly they aren’t in the business of learning lessons or seeing problems or accepting reality.


Fuck you Jacksonville, I’m going to make cookies.



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