Eric Berry Don’t Fool With No Horses, Boy


Huff Post – It appears that Berry suffers from a very real fear of horses, evident in his refusal to step onto the field until Warpaint has moved to a safe distance, Uproxx notes.

According to the Medical Dictionary, an irrational fear of horses is known as equinophobia and is sometimes caused from trauma resulting from a past fall from a horse.

“Sufferers of equinophobia experience undue anxiety even when a horse is known to be gentle and well trained. They usually avoid horses entirely rather than risk being kicked, bitten or thrown. They may also fear other hoofed animals such as ponies, donkeys and mules.”


It appears that Eric Berry is truly petrified of horses. Kind of funny if you ask me. Dude can’t even stand on the field with his teammates if the chick gets to trotting around the stadium with Mr. Ed. This is going to be no good for the Chiefs in the upcoming years. Peyton no doubt is gonna use this against him in the future. I can just see the audible now… “check, check! Mic 51, mic 51! Mr Ed in the endzone! Mr Ed in the endzone!” By the time Berry turns back around after breaking his neck to make sure the stallion isn’t behind him, Demaryius Thomas will be long gone on a post route. And you can expect the Broncos to have a a live Bronco in every corner during home games from now on.




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