Chamique Holdsclaw Smashes Out The Windows Of Her Ex-Girlfriends Range Rover, Shoots It Up And Then Flees The Scene


ESPN – Former WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw is in custody after being accused of shooting into a woman’s car after using a bat to break its windows. Atlanta police said Thursday the incident happened Tuesday after the Olympic gold medalist followed 29-year-old Jennifer Lacy to her car. Lacy plays for the Tulsa Shock. No one was injured. Lacy identified the 35-year-old Holdsclaw, one of the biggest stars in women’s college basketball history during her career at Tennessee, as an ex-girlfriend. They were teammates with the Atlanta Dream in 2009. Holdsclaw was in custody Thursday night in Fulton County Jail. Her bond was set at $10,000 on one charge each of aggravated assault, second-degree criminal damage and reckless conduct.


As soon as I heard about Holdsclaw and Lacy being ex-girlfriends the first thing I thought of was stereotypical. Chick uses a bat to break the car’s windows and then shoots into it. Of course the car belonged to an ex, that’s what ex-girlfriends do. Especially the black ones. And especially the black ones that are 6’2″, 172lbs.

On another note, why is it cool for lesbians to play in the WNBA, and for couples to play on the same team without the media in an uproar, but as soon as a gay dude comes out in the NFL, NBA, or MLB, every outlet is focusing in on it as Breaking News?


Ps, Never in a million years did I ever think I’d find an uglier bitch than Khloe Kardashian, but Chamique Holdsclaw takes the cake. Khloe looks like a goddess compared to her. A gigantic, Sasquatch looking goddess.



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