The New York Jets Say That Tim Tebow Is A Terrible Quarterback. Boom! Headshot!


NY Daily News – Tebowmania may have captivated the NFL last season, but Tim Tebow’s new team doesn’t believe that he’s a savior. More than a dozen Jets players and members of the organization painted a sobering picture of the player who rallied the Broncos to the playoffs last season. In their eyes, he’s simply not very good. The prevailing thought in the organization is that Tebow is nothing more than a gimmick. “He’s terrible,” a defensive starter told the Daily News. Both offensive and defensive players admitted that they hadn’t noticed any appreciable improvement in Tebow’s quarterback skills in practice since he was traded to the Jets in March. Tebow has been a poor practice player throughout his career. His current teammates echoed sentiments from Denver Broncos players a year ago about the lefthanded signal caller’s poor practice performance. Left guard Matt Slauson, who has repeatedly supported Sanchez, made it clear that the fourth-year signal caller is the Jets’ best quarterback. “It’s not even close,” Slauson said. “All the other quarterbacks know it. I have all the confidence in Mark. We don’t really have a choice.” None of the members of the organization interviewed by The News believed that a zone-read offense tailored to Tebow’s strengths can help the Jets reverse their fortunes. “Hell, no!” another starter said. “You got to keep defenses honest. You just can’t line up in the Wildcat all the time. That won’t work.” Tebow’s legs provide a tempting alternative for the Jets’ slumping offense. “That’s the real threat he brings,” defensive lineman Mike DeVito said. But most members of the Jets don’t believe that what they saw from Tebow last season is sustainable. “We can’t win running that sh–,” one player said. They think Tebow’s heroics in Denver were a mirage. “Now we’re depending on miracles?” a member of the organization said. “You can’t play that way.” The organization has factored Sanchez’s weak supporting cast of skill position players into the equation. “Look at some of the players he’s throwing to,” a Jets official said. “It’s garbage.” Said another Jets source: “I’ve seen better receiving corps in college than we have on our team.” So, who wants Tebow to be the starter? “Nobody,” a member of the team said.


I basically should’ve just copy and pasted the entire article into this blog and left it at that. Every quote within it was that good and needed. I don’t care whether it was anonymous or not, it just proves that there aren’t a bunch of “Tebow Haters” in the world. The dude literally can’t play quarterback in the NFL. Even his teammates think so. Its not his fault. Its not because he doesn’t want to, or because he doesn’t try. He just doesn’t have the skill set to get the job done. Some of us are the brides, some of us are the bridesmaids. That’s just how it goes. Plus, it doesn’t help when they have him bulk up to 260lbs in the offseason. Not to many starting quarterbacks are the size of middle linebackers. Let me see Ray Lewis get out there and try to become the Ravens starting quarterback. Ain’t gonna happen, folks. And Joe Flacco is about as talented as Mark Sanchez.

Ps, Is anyone really questioning that Santonio Holmes started all this drama? That was all the talk last year about how he was a locker cancer and blah, blah, blah. Then he gets hurt for the season, is no where to be seen, and all of a sudden bam, tabloids bullets being thrown by the whole locker room. It seems as though the cancer has spread. The anonymous defensive player, aka Antonio Cromartie, Matt Slauson, Mike DeVito are just slinging ammo Black Ops II style. Who needs to stand out in a line at your nearest gaming store at midnight when you can pick up the Daily News the next morning.



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